La Dolce Vita

A refreshing sea breeze under the sun. A legendary road known for its steep cliffs, the Mediterranean Sea and its impressive mountains sprinkled with fishermen villages and terrace citrus groves. A magical experience for 12 international influencers, seasoned with unforgettable intervals for the new ESCADA fragrance launch.

For a day, our guests woke up contemplating the sunrise from an old villa now Hotel, sailed along the coast until the perfume bottle revealing on the hillside, went for a ride in Vespa to reach the village of Ravello for a dinner with a view on infinity.

As many experiences as moments created to encourage sharing and to be remembered. An exclusive and private day to discover the hidden treasures of the Amalfi Coast, to feel the Italian Dolce Vita tangy taste. A total immersion in the new ESCADA fragrance Sorbetto Rosso.

Sea, land and sky in one day