Perfume bottle
"Paradiso" Escape

A heavenly stopover on the Amalfi coast

To launch the new fragrance by Roberto Cavalli, “Paradiso”, the agency wrote and produced a large-scale project for an international media presentation. 150 journalists were welcomed for three magical days in Sorrento. The entire experience was held in an incredible villa, on the cliff of the Amalfi coast, and its amazing private botanical garden. During the day, the journalists were transferred by boat across the bay on their “heavenly” journey to discover the perfume’s components, the advertising campaign and the brand’s new icon Edita Vilkeviciute. At nightfall, the villa took on a festive atmosphere for a dinner overhanging the sea and facing Mount Vesuvius. 

This project was selected at Cannes for the Grand Prix de l’Evénement in the category “Press Event”. 

The private botanical garden from the villa
The scenography was inspired in magic and fantasy

150 International journalists

3-day event