Everything starts with a Y

Why choosing Los Angeles for the launching off the new Y campaign, the YSL beauty man fragrance? Kaleidoscope city, L.A. is still carrying the American dream today. A city of contrasts for a chiaroscuro fragrance, designed for the urban man daring to act, driven by his dreams.

For the reveal: a minimalist villa, symbol of the Californian luxury and modernity. This clean-lined villa reflecting the perfume bottle lines, welcomed for a day influencers and journalistes from around the world.

A private cinema room between tradition and design is the setting of the new Y film projection and the reveal of its new ambassador, Adam Levine, the singer of Maroon 5.

Next to the pool overhanging the valley, the perfume ambassador is talking one to one with our guests to increase the experience around the fragrance universe. An urban and unique day on the heights of Beverly Hills.

An exclusive experience for 15 guests